Danish Arts Fund Supports
Building The Symbiocene
January 2022

We are beyond thrilled to have received support from @statenskunstfond for first workshop as part of an ambitious not for profit initiative ' Building The Symbiocene', which looks at possibility for regenerative change within the built environment, via cross-disciplinary project based material research.


Can we build ourselves out of the Anthropocene and emerge intertwined where the beauty of our connectedness is clearly visible, matter, life and humans in a mutually beneficial and regenerative relationship: The Symbiocene. ⁠

We would like to discover opportunities for regenerative landscape, building, crafts and material cultures. We want to learn from geological history, the evolution of life, vernacular and cultural practices and new research into ecological restoration, symbiosis and interspecies collaboration. We believe that architecture and landscape design can be a vital tool in enabling the regeneration and restoration that is needed for combating the multiple climate & biodiversity crises. ⁠

Participatory building culture, vernacular and ancient wisdom and restoration activism can be communicated via how we extract and shape materials, and how our structures serve humans and other living and mineral beings. ⁠

Together we can Build the Symbiocene⁠