Renovation of Victorian
semi-detatched home
Cape Town
February 2022

We have completed a circular renovation of an already extended Victorian semi-detatched home in the City of Cape Town, the concrete slab rear extension was built by the properties previous owner and much of our job entailed pairing removal and repair as well as a greening of the exterior spaces. The existing kitchen was completely refurbished using only new paint and small repairs to stone work. All new timber joinery was carried out using timber salvalged from the existing house. 

The double height room is an ode to the previous owner who had cut holes in the ceilings and partition walls. We kept his new spatiality just neatened it up. 

The only new building elements are a new partition wall made of salvaged bricks, and 2 new windows to the first floor. Further building parts are restored, repaired or reused in new guises. 

Restoration and maintenance of the walls and a new green lime-based plaster adds coherence and gives the small garden space a feeling of connection to both the interior spaces but also the listed old oak trees in the neighbouring property. ⁠We focussed on wild indigenous planting.

Photos: Djernes & Bell