Danish Craft Traditions in a Contemporary Context
Arken x CAFx

Can we transfer the building traditions of the past to a construction industry of the future? And does it even make sense to try?

The use of brick as a building material has been a defining factor for Danish building practices and architectural heritage. But technological and industrial developments have changed the way we build and thus also the conditions for the use of traditional building materials and methods.

In the last CafX ARKEN event, we take a closer look at how young design studios today relate to Danish building practices and craft traditions in their own architectural practice. In the company of architects Kim Lenschow and Justine Bell, we ask how popular architecture can be reimagined in a contemporary context and work with regenerative approaches to modern construction. The conversation will be moderated by publisher Kristoffer Weiss.

Justine Bell is an architect and partner at Djernes & Bell, which has a particular interest in the local anchoring of architecture. They are concerned with bio-inclusive and regenerative practices, and explore how architecture can meet our planetary limitations through repair and renovation, in particular.

Kim Lenschow is an architect and partner in Office Kim Lenschow who seeks to challenge ingrained values, beliefs and material narratives through architecture and critical design.

Kristoffer Weiss is a philosopher, former partner at Effekt and director of Arkitektens Forlag publishers. He si co-author of The New Wave in Danish Architecture.