Hedeskov Clay Surfaces
Hedeskov on-site

On-site at Hedeskov the interior finishes are taking shape. This incredible journey opf translating Hedeskov’s restorative & regnerative land-use experience and ambitions that span over 40 years has been incredibly rewarding. Looking at the newly clay-plastered rooms we are reminded of the first image we showed the client of a local geological core-drill image as it was a mixture of the geo-regional and bio-regional materials we wished to use to translate the deep connectedness with their surrounding nature and through traditional building crafts integrate and celebrate the historic buildings of the old Hedeskov School. 

Two local sands are used, a lighter one and a redder one enriched with iron oxide. Lime is mixed in areas that need to be harder and some rooms have small amount of local-pigments mixed in. Ceilings are lime-plastered. Clay-plasters are reinforced with bull-rush fibres. 

Material Design & Site-Audit has been done by Local Works Studio and Lasse Koefoed Nielsen led the construction of the clay flooring. 

Thanks to support from Realdania we can look-forward to an architectural-anthropological study post-occupancy, that will investigate if and how the regenerative methods and local materials can be felt in the architecture. 

Images: Justine Bell