On Site
Hedeskov Center for Regenerative Practice

The transformation of this old rural school into a new centre for regenerative practice is ongoing. 

Images show: 
Repair to existing masonry with recyled and left-over bricks from local building sites. 

Hempblock internal wall insulation.
Clay board internal linings.
Reuse of old structural timber.

Limecrete underpinning of existing rubble foundations.

Cleaning, grinding and reuse of 100-year old clay insulation in floor. 

Clay plaster samples from local clay, bulrush fibre and local sand for colour. (Habitat creation is practiced when shallow ponds of clay are harvested at the edge of 30 year old planted forests) 

Retention of as much of the existing building as possible; spatial & material. With few new openings that support spatial understanding of the connection to the surrounding landscape.