Djernes & Bell receive Working Grant Danish Arts Fund

We would like to thank the Danish Arts Fund for the generous working grant. Thanks to our visionary clients, craftspeople & collaborators, without whom none of our work would be possible. ⁠

Djernes & Bell work with what already exists: built, natural, material & human.⁠

We renew existing buildings.⁠
We regenerate and repair.⁠
We believe in culture, nature and community, also for non-human beings. We craft lasting value, with respect for past, present and future. ⁠

Reparative, intersectional & cross-disciplinary. Inspired by ecology and towards the regenerative. Hopeful, possible, now. ⁠

Image credits: Hedeskov regenerative renovation & site-based materials, Høst til Hus architecture & agriculture, Syd for Solen bio-Local Material folies. Historic building crafts repair over replace.⁠