Bio-material follies at Syd for Solen music festival,
Søndermarken, Copenhagen

Djernes & Bell architects have designed the structures and pavilions for Syd For Solen. The pavilion design is inspired by Søndermarken and its important cultural heritage as a romantic garden. Some romantic philosophies focused on the connection of humankind to nature through a harmonious co-existence, and attitude with is urgently relevant today. Historical depictions of the once existing garden follies in Søndermarken have inspired a new set of follies or pavilions. These follies aim to illustrate interconnected and regenerative material culture through the use of bio-based and circular local materials and building crafts. The pavilions tell stories of landscapes and culture and how hopeful real regenerative architecture can be.

Close collaboration with other artists and craftsmen have been essential to the success of this project. 

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Humble & Curious
Davide Ronco
Natural Materials Studio
Nicklas Skovgaard
Kristine Møller
Mia Fryk
Levi Hayes
Stråtagets Kontor
Dansk Stillads Service

Photos: Samual Causse, Davide Ronco, Nicklas Skovgaard, Kristine Møller