Green Collective
Responsible design platform,
Copenhagen 2021

We are pleased to be part of the new platform Green Collective. The platform is dedicated to locally produced responsible products for the home with complete transparency into all stages of life of the products from material growth to end of life. We have contributed with our hand made oak Chair K, a chair we designed for ourselves in 2018. ⁠

We would like to emphasise that we believe that sustainability has to do with locally made, high-quality objects that can last generations, and if necessary decompose on the forest floor and provide food for mushrooms and other microbes starting the circle of life again. ⁠

We also think that nothing is sustainable if it is not necessary and we do not support consumerism and trend based sales. We support longevity, care and repair and objects/buildings that accumulate patina and stories of the many people that have been in contact with them. ⁠

Chair K is produced locally and only on order, off-cut oak is used when possible. ⁠