Studio 2D - The Art of Building
Aarhus School of Architecture
Hjerl Hede 2021

Justine Bell has been appointed External Lecturer with Studio 2D design and build department at the Aarhus School of Architecture. 

Studio 2D foregrounds local traditions and building cultures, looking for new ways to re-invent old crafts and recover obsolete building methods. Historically speaking, community identity was profoundly linked with local building culture. This once vast diversity of material inventions and craft, however, is gravely threatened by the homogenization of late capitalist technology and culture. The focus and study of construction history is therefore a focus of the studio culture.

Studio 2D engages in collaborative, full size constructions for the long-term benefit of the community. Each member of the studio should be willing to undertake focused, collaborative work and engage with the workshops as a site of creative encounter. Every semester, a number of externally-driven projects will enter the studio, each at various stages of completion. Students engage with the projects in different ways depending on the student’s interest, semester level, and the status of the projects.

Studio 2D is first and foremost project driven. Thematic investigations, technological questions, and historical threads therefore emerge from the projects themselves. Since projects often take place over several semesters, collaboration is understood as working within a group as well as working with groups that come before and after you. Projects are developed through seminar discussions, material experimentation, extensive drawing and re-drawing, and meetings with tutors and project clients.

Studio 2D invests in the study of historical building methods and cultures. We utilize study trips, lectures and precedent studies to extract new knowledge from the historical fabric of the community around us. This is bolstered by theoretical reflections on craft, technology, and materiality.

Studio 2D - The Art of Building
Shelter for Sheep - Hjerl Hede