Prequalified, Residential Regenesis as response to Realdania, Villum Fond & Smith Innovation From 4 to 1 planet housing project.

Djernes & Bell in partnership with Henning Larsen Architects have been shortlisted as 1/6 pariticpants in the experimental project 4 to 1 Planet: Residential Building Design low-carbon homes for the future.

Our proposal ‘Residential Regenesis’ states the need for housing to be based on existing building stock as the primary focus. Using the concept of horticultural grafting and the biological concept of symbiogenesis, we propose that new life can be grown from what already exists whilst quality of life can increase through increased interconnectedness, thereby ‘Becoming by Living Together.’ 

We consider long term planning of regenerative urban communities, where bio-materials and craft based upcycling are informed by histroical building crafts and advancements in local manufacturing processes.

New build consists of only 1% of total building activity annually as well as the embodied carbon in materials and prevents settlement sprawl and land use issues and ecological disruptions with even the lowest carbon new-build.