Site Based Materials

Local Works Landscape Audit & Materials Design
Hedeskov 2022

Together with our client Hedeskov, we have invited Local Works Studio to carry out a landscape audit and material design for site based clay plaster, clay flooring and other bio and plant based materials for renovation of this historic rural school building. 

This previoulsy normal farmdland has been undergoing various types of reforrestation and ecological restoration for the last 35 years. The next steps include completion of the renovation of the school building to form Hedeskov headquarters as a centre for innovation in regenerative change in the building & agricultural sectors. Hedeskov will also be establishing a regenerative farm. 

All site based materials are either reused from existing buildings or - where harvested - become part of a larger ecological remediation and habitat creation.

The samples are showing site-based clay plaster samples, sing site excavation clay, iron-rich sand and plant fibre from bulrushes harvested by the client on the site. Material design & landscape audit by Local Works Studio.