A concrete pilgrimage v. 1
Lyon, 2015

Photographs featured on Its Nice That and in Printed Pages Magazine.

‘Only a fraction of the world’s concrete is touched by architects, but their impact on the medium has been disproportionate to the very slight control they have over the totality of what is built the world over. As the cosmeticians of concrete, architects are responsible for mediating concrete to us for causing it to be seen in one way rather than another: it is architects, more than any other trade or occupation who are most involved in bringing our longings and loathings through the material, in giving expression to all the things that we either believe, or refuse to believe about concrete and the world within which it is used.’
Adrian Forty, Concrete and Culture

Concrete is the second most consumed resource on earth (2nd only to water), and cement production contributes to 8% of annual global CO2 production after global agriculture’s carbon footprint of 12%. Yet - as with all the facts, fictions and histories related to concrete – it’s terrible reputation in sustainability performance is a disputed one.