Birkerød House 

New 1st floor roof extension
150 sqm
2019 - ongoing

Djernes & Bell are designing a 1st floor extension to an existing single storey 1960’s house adjacent a historic forest north of Copenhagen. The design allows the family to enjoy new voluminous living spaces and provides large habitable dormer windows that allow connection and views to the treetops. By reusing existing walls and roof new built interventions are kept to a minimum which in turn creates minimum demolition waste as well as minimum new materials required. 

Mountain House I
Cape Town

Extension and alterations
360sqm & 150sqm
Completed 2016

An insitu concrete extension to a large family home on the slopes of Table Mountain. The extension acts partially as a canopy to a linear verandah, whilst also extending the family’s living and kitchen areas. Concrete is the singular material and becomes a backdrop to the house’s extensive indigineous garden. Large expanses of sliding glass doors and sheer curtains are thresholds from interior to exterior, giving shade but allowing the panoramic views of topography and harbour.


Transformation of historic retail building
1600 sqm
2020 - ongoing

Djernes & Bell are advising on the transformation of an historic retail building in the centre of Randers, Jutland. This includes feasibility studies into posible uses at street level and the upper floors. This falls into a greater project of assessing regeneration of local high-streets which have been affected by the convenience shopping offered by shopping centres and online retail. 

City House 
Cape Town

Restoration and renovations
350 sqm
2020 - ongoing

Extensive renovations and restoration work to a Victorian detatched home in the City of Cape Town. The previous owner (who was an architect) built extensive renovations which almost erased the building’s Victorian origins. Djernes & Bell are restoring the front of the house and strengthening the connection between the contemporary extension and historic house and garden.

Damhussø House

Extension and alterations
170 sqm
2020 - ongoing

Djernes & Bell are extending a single family brick house to provide more connection to the large existing garden.  The idea is to provide an enfilade of spaces that weave the existing house and new extension together and activate both front and back gardens which are currently disconnected from the main house. This is as opposed to many contemporary extension designs which try to take the primary focus and tend to remove life from the existing building.

Formal hints have been taken from the traditional detailing and elements such as the sprocket eaves and bay windows.